Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A beautiful scrap paper project

Paper bird
Originally uploaded by Kitty Vane.

Mixed media, 21cm x 13cm

(Sorry for the bad scan, my scanner hates me.)

I made this for the beautiful scrap paper project. I feel like it still need a little more... something. I ain't going to do anything more today though; I'm too tired to think right now.
I'm really happy with the way the bird turned out, I used one of my favorite scraps for it. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another bird person

I really like drawing these birdy people. :)

Bird Lady
Originally uploaded by Kitty Vane.

I've always thought that cockatiels looked like they're wearing blusher.

I need to start using Bristol board again. Neither my markers nor the scanner like my sketchbook that much and I really need to pick up the quality of my work a bit.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Art and stuff

I've been feeling some what bloo lately, but there are still things that manage to cheer me up.

Yesterday I met Ruth and we shopped, talked about dolls and had tea and cakes at a nice new café and then I came home and watched a cracking good episode of Veronica Mars (if you haven't seen this series yet, you must see it now!) with J. and today I got my Beautiful Scrap Paper Project pacet and made a quick little drawing of Alfred Hitchcock as a bird.

Hitchcock's Bird
Originally uploaded by Kitty Vane.

I've always thought that he looks kind of avian. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The block has been busted!

I finally, finally broke through my artist's block!
I'm not as relieved as I thought I'd be, which is a little odd. I think it's because this is just a little painting, nothing more, and I need to do something more demanding to get that elated, excited feeling I'm looking for.

Looking back on some old work of mine, I was inspired to give life to some more little people that I have thought up in my head. First there was Mr Wind and then came Mr & Mrs Firestone (no picture of them, yet) and after them there was Mr Longfellow.
Today I painted Mr Rivers.

Mr Rivers
Originally uploaded by Kitty Vane.

Mr Rivers is an accountant. He doesn't get along with people very well and he much prefers numbers than people. He's particulary attached to the numbers 3 and 5, but he doesn't much like the number 9 though.

In a way this is more of a block breaking than if I'd just made something with markers or whipped something up on the comp. I haven't painted with watercolours in such a long time, I don't even remember when I last grabbed a brush.
I bought some new brushes (my old ones were in a horrendous state) a while back and though it was time to give them a whirl now. Especially so as Mr Rivers represents water, and choosing to do him in watercolour seemed like a logical choice.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Neil Gaiman is a genius

Really, he is.

"As a solution to various problems you may encounter upon the way, let me suggest this:
Make Good Art.

It's very simple. But it seems to work. Life fallen apart? Make good art. True love ran off with the milkman? Make good art. Bank foreclosing? Make good art.

Keep moving, learn new skills. Enjoy yourself.


Be proud of your mistakes. Well, proud may not be exactly the right word, but respect them, treasure them, be kind to them, learn from them.
And, more than that, and more important than that, make them.

Make mistakes. Make great mistakes, make wonderful mistakes, make glorious mistakes. Better to make a hundred mistakes than to stare at a blank piece of paper too scared to do anything wrong, too scared to do anything."

I love the way that man thinks and I would like to have his brain.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


As I don't actually own a LOMO (or some such) camera, I'm making do with some Photoshopping to get the effect. It's a great way to mask my poor lighting and selective focus and a whole host of other little sins, and seeing as I am mostly using our flat as a backdrop, it adds to the grungy retro/vintage feel of the photo.

Photo comparison
Originally uploaded by Kitty Vane.

The difference between the two pictures above isn't that great, and I didn't actually go for an all out LOMO-effect on them. I did however try it out in full here: Paperdoll Dolls.

I quite like the "bad photo" look, even if it is autoficially generated.

Monday, March 14, 2005


As I seem to be regressing back to my old hobbies (sewing, painting ect.) I have rediscovered the joys of photography.
I first got into it when I was in secondary school (around the same time as I really started sewing) and that's when I got my first camera, a fully automatic Canon something or other, which is now in a sorry state of repair as it is old and very, very used. Now days I mostly just use J.'s digicam and edit and correct the photos in Photoshop afterwards.

I am by no means an excellent, or even a very good photographer, but I really enjoy taking pictures. It's such an immediate medium and I really like to set up little scenes to photograph. I have very little knowlege of lighting my shots and I actually prefer just to make do with what light I got and snap away. I'm only now getting to grips with getting my photos into proper focus too.

I'd love to get my hands on a LOMO camera or a Leica (sorry no picture of this), but they cost a small fortune and theres no way I could ever afford one. My other alternative is to get a Holga camera or something like a Smena Symbol camera or something equally primitive. I want something that's cheap, simple to use and that takes low quality photos. As I'm never going to be a superbly good photographer, I have no need for one of these super fancy high end cameras. I want something cheap and nasty that can hide the multitude of mistakes in my pictures. There's also something so wonderfully raw and simple about using a crappy camera, the pictures have a wonderful mood to them and there's no pretence of them being perfect, and that falls prefectly into my wabi-sabi philosophy.